Clear span Marquees

Clear span marquee for hire in Lincolnshire for corporate and wedding events

What are they used for?

Clear span marquees offer an open space with no poles or guy lines obstructing. They are great for weddings and corporate events as they can be lined out fully. They offer a smart modern look to any event but can also be dressed to look vintage. Clearspan marquees can be connected together to offer greater flexibility and options.

Wedding marquee decoration for hire in Lincolnshire.


Dependant on your event and budget Clear span marquees can be fitted with a range of extras. If your event is formal then marquee linings really finish the clearspan structure off and hides all the framework. The clearspan can have solid, full clear or georgian windows and also real doors with glass. Check out the "Extras" section for prices.


Clear span marquee sizes

We offer a range of sizes in the clear span structures.

The widths we offer are 

2 metre/3 metre/4 metre/6 metre widths

The lengths we offer are

2 metre/4 metre/6 metre/8 metre/10 metre/12 metre/14 metre/16 metre/18 metre/20 metre etc 

Coir Matting for Marquee Hire in Lincoln.

Coir/Coconut Matting

Used as the flooring staple of the marquee industry Coir matting is the traditional flooring for your event. It offers a clean look  and is a great alternative to grass. This can be laid on flat surfaces and is great for stopping chair legs sinking into lawns. This can be laid and used in any of our Clear span marquee structures.


Papaflex Carpet

We are pleased to announce that we are slowly phasing out all of coir matting and replacing it with Papaflex matting. This is a polypropolene matting that is lighter and looks fantastic.

This is priced per square metre and is available in a linen weave and in a sand colour.

This is currently available for our 4 and 6 metre wide structures.

Marquee wooden flooring

Marquee Flooring

We offer Malaysian ply wood boarded floor for our marquee structures. This board flooring gives a solid base within your structure if your having formal furniture or dance floors. The board flooring is charged per square metre.